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Q & A Sessions are approximately 30-45 minutes in length, depending on the level of audience engagement.  

Cubs at 2 Months

The Connecticut DEEP Wildlife Division recently published the latest data and trends relative to our bear population and those in surrounding states.  We will review them, discuss the implications (for bears and humans), and suggest best practices for homeowners.  

Eastern Coyote.png

Our Eastern Coyote population has frequently been in the news of late.  Can we believe what is being written or is there more to it?  We will review coyote tendencies, discuss the implications (for coyotes, pets, and humans), and suggest best practices for homeowners and pet owners.  

Hanging out.jpg

Do you have questions about a topic or issue related to the abundant wildlife we share our landscapes with?  This is an open session that provides a forum to raise all of your wildlife questions and concerns and have them addressed.  Questions on all species and issues are welcome.

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